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Meet Our Team

Craig Felde

Craig Felde


Does he ever stop trying to find out something new? About you? About the world? About something he has never heard of 'til this moment? We probably won't ever know until God calls him home. Until then, Craig can be found preaching the Gospel, and trying to live it, here at Sojourners and everywhere else he goes. When he's not doing that, he will be doing who knows what else; maybe climbing a mountain today, singing with Every Day Grace tomorrow, coaching young soccer players the next day, playing Timpani with his wife Betsy at the Pipe Organ the next. The world is his playground, and he thanks God for giving it to us every day. Watch out, you never know when he'll be calling you to try some new hare-brained scheme to help you love your neighbor! No, really...


Phone: (708) 710-8508

Dave Tan


Ryan P. Keane

A wannabe musician (or hobbyist if preferred), Dave works as a medical professional to pay the bills. He grew up playing the piano and violin from a young age and is reestablishing his inner musician with Every Day Grace and the senior & handbell choirs at Christ Lutheran Church in Clarendon Hills. A proud alumnus of the University of Michigan, Dave also spent 3 years as an active duty Army medic, including a tour of duty in Baghdad. When he is not playing music or writing medical orders, you can probably expect to see Dave on a golf course in the summer or at the gym during winter. His formative years being in the 90s, Dave considers 90s alt rock to be his main source of musical inspiration, though he is appreciative of all eras and genres of music.


Phone: (630) 290-3283

Sojourners Pub Church

(708) 710-8508

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