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I'm new.

Pub Church is an incredibly unique experience. Especially if you are used to attending a traditional church, Pub Church sets itself apart from the group with an extremely relaxed atmosphere, exciting music from a live band, openness to anyone from any walk of life, and of course the venue of a local watering hole. Walking in for the first time on a Sunday afternoon might seem a little intimidating, but I assure you that once you are through the doors, you will feel right at home.

Do I have to be a Christian to come to Pub Church?

No, you do not. Pub Church is based on a non-denominational view of Christianity and we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. But you do not need to be a Christian to attend. We accept anyone from any background into our community, from church or not at all.

What should I expect when I walk in?

Immediately when you enter the bar, you will likely be greeted by Pastor Craig. Craig is our fearless leader who has built Pub Church from a gathering of a few dedicated followers to a great regularly-attending community. You'll notice some people dressed in collared shirts or nice dresses as they may have come from a morning church service. And you'll notice others in jeans and a T-shirt. We are in a bar, so you are not expected to dress up by any means - the whole idea is to relax and come as you are.

From there, you are welcome to head up to the bar and grab a drink and find yourself a seat. You can sit comfortably by yourself if you would like, or other congregants would be happy for your to join their table.

What is the service like?

We usually start with a couple songs from the band to get everyone ready for worship together. Sometimes the band will play a contemporary Christian rock song, and other times you will hear music from bands we all know and love. You're welcome to join in singing if you know the song, or to sit back and enjoy the tunes.

From there, you can expect some of the aspects of a traditional church service: Scripture readings, prayer time, a message/conversation from Craig, and various calls to worship. Most of these elements are interspersed with more music from Every Day Grace.

Throughout the service, you will notice some people receiving food and ordering drinks. Feel free to join in! We believe that worship takes place in all aspects of life, not just quietly in your nicest attire on Sunday mornings. We eat together and we drink together and we worship together.

Do I have to participate?

Absolutely not. You are not required to do anything. And if you need to come late, or leave early, that is completely fine as well. There are of course ways to participate if you feel comfortable (reading scripture, sharing a story, etc.) but you are never required.

What happens when the service is over?

After the band finishes up the last song, service is officially completed. That being said, since Pub Church is hosted in a public bar, you are more than welcome to stick around and grab another drink. Sundays are big days for football, so you can hang around and watch the games as long as you want. You can also leave immediately after the service too, the choice is completely yours.

Speaking of football, what happens when the Bears play?

Since our services start in the afternoon, we typically try to schedule Pub Church around big sporting events and Bears games. Of course you may be interested in a game that is on during Pub Church. The bars who host us will likely have a TV or two with the game you want playing in the background with the sound off. After Pub Church is over, they will turn the sound back on.

I still have more questions.

Completely understood, we wouldn't expect you to get everything you need from this one FAQ. My first suggestion would be to come and try it out anyway! You'll be able to see what it is like first-hand, and we can answer your questions in person before or after the service.

You can also contact Pastor Craig directly at

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