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Every Day Grace

Every Day Grace is the band that plays at Pub Church regularly. They are an ensemble of talented musicians who cover different sacred and secular songs that support the theme or conversation of the service.

EDG always consists of vocalists, electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, keyboard(s), and drums - with occasional appearances of ukeleles, mandolins, violins, and other fun instruments (including a fire extinguisher used for "Mr. Blue Sky").

Genres: Rock, jazz, blues, Latin, ballad, singer/songwriter, etc.

For the Pub Church services, EDG plays a healthy mix of songs that come directly from a position of faith, as well as other songs that have lyrics which correlate with the message from well-known artists (like Jason Mraz, Fleetwood Mac, and more).

Want to know more? Contact Pastor Craig at

Listen to some of the music Every Day Grace covers at Pub Church on Spotify!

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